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NetBiscuits – Getting Started

What is Netbiscuits? Netbiscuits is a platform for the development and delivery of next generation web apps across all mobile and connected devices. In other words, It is a platform that helps you in developing and delivering mobile device specific websites or...

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How to implement Cufon fonts ?

The web is getting creative and beautiful. You can find  a variety of new font's being used across the web making the site look beautiful and creative. There are various font replacement techniques available online now. One of them is SIFR but it needs flash to be...

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Understanding jQuery animate function

jQuery's .animate() function has helped many front end developers around the world to create web pages with custom animations and effects by just using combinations of jQuery , css and sometimes images. It helped us get rid of flash for most of the simple (and at...

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How to detect keycode / key pressed in jquery

Tracking a keyCode can be very helpful if you would like to give your visitors a user friendly experience. For instance, if there is an overlay open on a page, I usually press the ESC (Escape) button to close the overlay and most of the sites nowadays respond to it...

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How to generate QR Code using jQuery

QR Code or the Quick Response Code is a square shaped matrix barcode that contains data encoded within it. QR Codes can be generated using JavaScript or jQuery too. QR Codes have become very common in the recent times especially among portable devices like tablets and...

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Ternary operator in Javascript

Some of the most useful "utilities" in any programming languages are the conditional statements. Conditional statements help a lot in making the piece of code dynamic and intelligent. In fact it would not be an exaggeration to say that without conditional statements...

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Javascript Naming Conventions

A very common query that a lot of developers starting off with Javascript have is about the naming conventions to be used. I'm happy that many of us take that extra step to ensure that we follow standards while we code. But hey, the fact is actually there is no such...

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How to Minify a Javascript File?

The web technology today has improved dramatically and the way scripting is done on websites have changed drastically over the years now. Gone are the days when JavaScript was used to just validate forms. JavaScript now holds the major share of the website code. But...

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Px to Em conversion

With a variety of browsers flooding the market and fluid design being a concern, Front-End developers try to be more alert with their code and the unit of measurements they use in their codes. When it comes to the font size, developers usually demand the unit of...

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