Many of us might have come across scenarios wherein we wanted to do something based on the version of the jQuery loaded. To be specific I’m talking about scenarios where one might want to know the version of jQuery programatically and if the version was say 1.3.2 then load some other files too or do something else. Well I must say that it is a very easy process to identify jQuery’s version, Let’s take a look at how to do it.

You can get to know the version of jQuery loaded by using the following:

 How to check jQuery version in console?

Checking the version of the jQuery through console of firebug or any other browser based console is also very easy. You can do it by typing the same code mentioned above in the console.

For e.g :
Go to console and type

All of the above codes would give you the same result.

How to detect / get jQuery UI version?

Detecting or Checking jQuery UI’s version is also quite simple. However there was a slight change after version 1.6 was released. Let’s take a look at the code :

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