How to auto resize an image to fit within a DIV without stretching?

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If you are developing a Responsive Webpage or a Fluid Web page, you would have definitely come across scenarios where you wanted to fit in a large image within a smaller DIV without distorting it or breaking the aspect ratio. Well, this can be done easily using the max-width property. Let’s assume that I have … Read more

Unsemantic CSS framework tutorial and Guide

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What is Unsemantic? Unsemantic is a CSS framework that is responsive and based on fluid grid system that uses percentages instead of fixed pixels.  Like any other CSS framework, Unsemantic too has pre-prepared CSS classes that would make web page development easier. Unsemantic is popularly knows to be the successor of the famous 960Grid CSS framework. … Read more

Px To Em Conversion – How to (Explained)

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With a variety of browsers flooding the market and fluid design being a concern, Front-End developers try to be more alert with their code and the unit of measurements they use in their codes. When it comes to the font size, developers usually demand the unit of measurement of font sizes to be converted from … Read more