How to use Glyphicons in bootstrap?

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Like many other useful components, Bootstrap also provides a lot of easy-to-use Glyphicon “icons”. Well in simple terms these contain a list of useful font icons that you can easily use on your webpage. These font icons allow you to use over 250 glyphs or icons on your webpage, in font format using simple CSS … Read more

How to disable selection of text in html using CSS ?

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Depending on your requirement you might have to disable text selection or text highlighting in HTML using CSS or JavaScript. While there are different ways to do this, you can easily disable text highlighting using CSS. Consider a situation where you have a copy paste functionality like a coupon code etc that you want the … Read more

How to set proxy using npm config in NodeJs?

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While working with NodeJs you’ll notice that many times you might not be able to install or update while working behind a proxy network like the corporate web proxy of your office etc. Basically, you might notice that the commands like npm install is not working. However, this can be easily fixed by setting the … Read more

How to hide arrows from Number input?

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I am sure that by now you would have used various new input types available as a part of HTML5. Many of these input types have eliminated the requirement for JavaScript too in many scenarios. One such new input type is the Input type number. The syntax for the same is <input type=”number”> . The … Read more

How to empty an array in JavaScript ?

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Arrays are widely and commonly used in JavaScript. Especially if you are developing a dynamic app, there are very high chances that you might use Arrays in JavaScript. However, many a times I’ve noticed that people don’t use the Array related methods properly and end up doing certain things in a wrong way. One such … Read more

How to disable autocomplete in HTML?

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The autocomplete feature has been of a great help as a website visitor especially if you have a long form that you might fill more than once. The autocomplete feature of HTML is basically used to fetch previous input values from the input field. However, not every time do you require autocomplete. Consider an input that … Read more

How to fix Load Timeout for Modules Error in RequireJs

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RequireJs is a very helpful JavaScript Module Loader. If you’ve been working on BackboneJS, AngularJs, or KnockoutJs you would have most likely come across RequireJs. Also, it is very likely that while working with RequireJs you would have come across the Error : Load timeout for modules message. The possible causes for this error Load timeout for … Read more

How to make CSS first-child work

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With the onset of CSS3 a lot of new selectors were introduced. Many of these new selectors have been of a lot of help to us. The first-child selector is one such selector. Using the first-child selector, you can target the element which is the first child of its parent element. This means if you … Read more

How to auto resize an image to fit within a DIV without stretching?

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If you are developing a Responsive Webpage or a Fluid Web page, you would have definitely come across scenarios where you wanted to fit in a large image within a smaller DIV without distorting it or breaking the aspect ratio. Well, this can be done easily using the max-width property. Let’s assume that I have … Read more

How to remove multiple attributes in jquery?

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Many a time you might have come across a scenario where you would want to remove multiple attributes from an element. For example, consider the following DIV : Now using jQuery’s removeAttr() method you want to remove both the data-id and data-module attributes. Many of us try to use multiple calls to the removeAttr() method … Read more