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  • How to get current url in JavaScript?

    JavaScript has come a long way since its inception. I remember the days when it was mainly used only for form validations. Now we use JavaScript for a lot more functionalities. JavaScript has a vast number of APIs which enables us to access a variety of features and information from the browser. One such API … Read more

  • How to install specific version of npm package?

    As you might already know, there are a large number of npm packages released every day. An equally large number of updates too get released on the npm registry. While we would like to keep the dependencies in package.json updated to the latest version most of the time, there are still times when we would … Read more

  • Know the difference between tilde and caret in package.json

    Most of us might have wondered what does the tilde (~) and caret (^) prefixing the version number of the “dependencies” in your package.json file mean. Well, it is important to know the difference between tilde and caret in package.json as the wrong usage can even break your project. Understanding the usage of tilde (~) … Read more

  • How to remove npm package from a project?

    NPM or Node Package Manager has made it really easy to install and manage packages in JavaScript projects. The number of packages available on npm has been on an increase and it has become very convenient to install a package in a project using npm. However, over time, it becomes important to remove npm package … Read more

  • How to find outdated packages in npm?

    NPM as a package manager has been a very useful tool in web development. Using npm has made it very convenient for us to add various packages to our web development projects. However, like with other software, our npm packages too get outdated either because a new feature has been introduced, the code has been … Read more

  • How to find unused dependencies in npm?

    NPM has become the most popular package manager over time. It is really helpful and useful to manage the package dependencies of your project. However, over time, as your project keeps growing and new packages get released, there are times when we move on to a better alternative of a package or even stop using … Read more

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